We at “MOD Resources UK” offers our clients a moderation services wherein the focus is not only on image moderation but we also moderate videos and text content of social media sites.

MOD Resources UK provides companies a well-defined and approachable platform where they can get their content moderated and keep it absolutely clean, presentable and impeccable.

We are proud to announce that we have been associated with many big brands like Viber, Instagram, Photobucket, Fotolog, etc. in such a short span of time.

Today we live in a tech-savvy world, where privacy at stake. People around the world click numerous pictures, record videos and text post them on to social media sites. However, not all of them are meant to be there because certain pictures fall into the category of obscenity, nudity, disrespect, abuse, identity theft, etc. which need to be filtered. Now a days there are loads of social media and content sharing websites including FB and Twitter who try to block/remove such objectionable pictures on their sites but not all of them get removed because it’s next to impossible for them.

Here’s exactly “OUR SERVICE” comes in a picture, where we hire moderators for doing that content filtration work for our clients. Although it’s not possible to filter millions and billions of pictures for an individual hence we hire staff from the contribution of sponsors. We can’t share our client’s portal content with any random person therefore we have designed six different contracts as per content requirement.

Many big brands like Facebook and Twitter are hiring full time moderators for their portals and government is also getting serious for online objectionable contents.

Our Clients: