What is MOD Resources and the background of this co.?

MOD Resources is a UK based moderation and an associated company of MOD Australia Est. 1986 achieving new goals and raising extremely high standards in the field of Technology. It was founded by Mr Mark Clements In the mid-year of 2017 who is also working as a CEO in our Australian division. He’s got an extra ordinary vision for moderation which will avert our future generation from many unwanted dangerous/disturbing elements on social media platform.

What does this company do?

This Company is thoroughly indulged in the Moderation of objectionable virtual content i.e. Images, Videos and Text which can be obscenity, Hate Speech, Scammers, illegality, Racism, brutality etc. “Mod Resources” provides companies a well-defined and approachable platform where they can get their contents moderated and keep it absolutely clean, presentable and impeccable. “Mod Resources” is able to do this with the contribution and acceptance of thousands of sponsors like you, spread across the world. What We Do?

Who is the founder and core team of this company?

Mr Mark Clements is the founder and Managing Director of MOD Resources UK. Mr Clements has over 20 years of experience in corporate and public co. administration. He was a director of renowned companies like indigo properties in Australia and now holds a position of M.D in MOD resources UK.

• Mr Jason Fields (Executive Chairman):

Mr Fields has over 18 years of experience in public companies and has won many prestigious awards for his unforgettable contribution as Director and Chairman in the previous companies and MOD Resources is one of them.

• Mr Simon Lee (Non-Executive Director):

Mr Lee has a successful track record in the resources industry spanning 27 years. Mr Lee has also received the Advance Australia Award for his contribution to commerce and industry.

• Mr Peter Thompson (Non-Executive Director):

Mr Thompson has been involved in a diverse range of business enterprises which have seen him based in Asia, England, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

• Mr John S Baker (Technical Director):

Mr Baker with over 36 years of experience in the technology industry has worked for many big brands. He has held senior management operations and project roles throughout Australia, Asia and United Kingdoms.

• Ms Stephanie White (Content Head):

Ms White has been associated with “UK Government Digital Services” as a Content Head for over 11 years. She’s been awarded with many prestigious awards like “The UK Content Award 2016” and “Best Content Moderator 2014”.

Does it have any link with the MOD Resources Australia?

Yes. This is an associated company of MOD Resources Australia founded by the same Founder. This Company has a different arena which is technology unlike MOD Australia. However the core team is still the same in this company as well. So ostensibly they are working in two different fields with the same vision that is the growth of its associates like you.

How can I verify the authenticity of this company?

Evidently the name should be suffice since the parent co. is in the market for quite a long time now but still you can simply verify the regn. no. of the co. given on the home page.

What is the meaning of Sponsors?

MOD Resources UK provides 6 set of contract packages for SPONSORS for which they don’t have to work for income because they sponsor some other individuals as moderator who complete their tasks on their behalf. Therefore Sponsors earn without working.

* Company hires individuals and allocates them tasks on behalf of sponsors.

Is enrolment and buying a contract task mandatory?

Yes. In order to associate with MOD Resources you will first have to enrol yourself and then buy a contract for tasks. Here’s “OUR CONCEPT”.

Can I pay for my contract in instalments?

Sorry! There’s no provision of paying contract amount in instalments because the moment you buy contract the set of specific tasks get allotted to the hired moderators.

Can I get a refund of my amount?

Yes. You can apply for the refund within 7 days from the activation date of your enrolment. Transaction charges will be applicable on refund i.e. 30% of your fees that will be used in pay-out, daily income and tasks which will be given till look out period.

How will I get my daily income and how can I withdraw it?

You will get your income in your wallet from Mon-Fri until maturity of your tenure which you can withdraw anytime by making request from your user dashboard.(Click here for log in)

Are there any transaction charges on withdrawal and when will I get it?

Minimum amount for withdrawal should be $10 USD. Transaction charges will be applicable as per process and payment gateways. However company reserves right to make changes in transaction charges as per the requirement and for the benefit of the co. without giving any prior notice. All transfers will be made within 72 hours of requesting withdrawal besides Saturday and Sunday.

How much is the referral income and where will I get it?

As per package, sponsors 1,2 & 3 are entitled to get 5% and sponsors 4,5 & 6 will get 7% on every direct referral. This referral income will be credited straight into your wallet.

Is there any limit or condition on referral?

Yes there is a limit on referring your friends. You can refer up to 10 directs only.

What is the condition on referral?

You can refer your friends with the same or above contract value as yours and there’s no other condition on it.

Can I upgrade my contract?

No. You cannot upgrade your package later after getting into contract.

Will I have to re-active / renew my contract after the tenure?

Yes. You will have to renew your ID once you complete your tenure.

What is Adder and how it works?

“Adder” is the process through which you can increase your daily income upto 5.5X/550% that too with in 30 days from DOA, which means 10% of daily income will be added on first direct referral, 20% of increased daily income will be added on second direct referral which can go upto 10 directs. Direct referral should have some or above value to qualify for adder. The more directs the more income.

What is the matching bonus and where will I get it?

When you achieve minimum $99 in your Left and Right Business then it’s called Matching Bonus and you will get this income directly in your wallet only.

Can my contract value only be paid online or be deposited physically at your office?

You can only pay your contract value online.

What is the working hours of your chat support team?

Our chat support team works from Monday to Friday (10:00 TO 19:00 GMT +1)

How can I buy Country / Province ?

You can purchase any available Country / Province only after getting contract of Sponsor

What are the benefits of buying Country / Province?

You will get the exclusive rights of earning on overall turnover of that Country / Province during the contract period. You will also get daily returns on your investment till maturity of contract.

Can I also refer any Country / Province to other Moderator / Sponsor and where do I check my income on that refrence ?

Yes off course, you can refer any available Country / Province to other Sponsor. You can check your income in your Account Wallet.

Do I get daily income even after getting minimum income?

Yes, You are entitled to get daily income till contract maturity.

What is capping?

Capping is the daily limit of matching bonus on single ID.

Why there are different values of contracts?

A value of contract signifies the difficulty level. For eg: Images are less difficult to moderate than videos likewise videos are less difficult to moderate than text content.

Why there are different no. of staff in different contracts?

One staff can easily moderate 100 images or videos daily but not in 1000s hence we increase our no. of staff accordingly.

Why do I get daily income only on 5 days a week?

Company doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday.

Who will do my allotted tasks and why?

A moderator hired by company will do your tasks to earn his monthly salary.

What is the minimum income in contracts?

Min. income is $ 210 in contract one by the name of SPONSOR-1.

What is contract period and why they are different?

Contract period is a specific time in which you get your daily income and with the longer period you earn more.

Why there’s NO TASK in Country / Province?

These two contracts are meant for investment only.

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