About Us

MOD Resources is a UK based moderation and an associated company of MOD Australia Est. 1986 achieving new goals and raising extremely high standards in the field of Technology. It was founded by Mr Mark Clements In the mid-year of 2017 who is also working as a CEO in our Australian division. He’s got an extra ordinary vision for moderation which will avert our future generation from many unwanted dangerous/disturbing elements on social media platform. MOD Resources UK is thoroughly indulged in the Moderation of objectionable virtual content especially Images which can be Obscenity, Hate Speech, Scammers, Illegality, Racism, Nudity, Brutality etc. “Mod Resources” provides companies a well-defined and approachable platform where they can get their contents moderated and keep it absolutely clean, presentable and impeccable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Mod Resources believe that our services and responsibilities extend beyond business and the balance sheet and hence, in an effort to fulfil our responsibilities towards the society we live and conduct business in, we recruit people with special needs and conduct entrepreneurship classes in different institutes to encourage the young leaders of tomorrow. Our continued sustenance and rapid growth bears testimony of our client’s satisfaction every day.

Our Clients: